Liz Kettle and Cass Mullane: Industrial Boutique

125 E Bijou

Curated by Cottonwood Center for the Arts

“I tell tales that are personal as well as those that speak of humankind and the earth. I choose an untraditional palette of fabric and stitch because I believe they connect us and draw us closer in a way that cannot be achieved with traditional art materials alone. I use a variety of technique drawing from the deep wells of quilting, mixed media collage and paint to tell and support each unique story.” — Liz Kettle

“My curiosity and willingness to experiment have resulted in interesting textile surface design and the incorporation of unusual techniques and materials in my work. From melted felt to metal to painted fusible web, my designs are spontaneous and textural.” — Cass Mullane

DSC_0521DSC_0520DSC_0487DSC_0484DSC_0482For more information, visit Cass’ website or Liz’ website, or email Cass at and Liz at

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