The Cultural Office’s Strategic Plan defines “Convene” as one of the pillars of our organization’s role in supporting the creative community of the Pikes Peak region. Through convenings, the Cultural Office brings together the arts, cultural, and creative community to foster collaboration, networking, and innovation. This pillar of our strategic plan aspires to, “support a wide variety of programs and convenings for arts, cultural, and creative community leaders at all levels that reflect the full breadth of our region to encourage advocacy, diversity, collaboration, and leadership for the future.”

Convenings are held throughout the year, hosted by the Cultural Office, in locations across the Pikes Peak region. 

However, “convening” is also a philosophy that goes beyond the “what” of our work. It is also, often, the “how.” We convene to learn, grow, and advance our field because we trust in relationships. We trust the power of our peers to teach one another.  Every staff member has goals within their job description to host a minimum number of gatherings annually, one topics across the entire program portfolio, from small groups discussing shared challenges to large summits celebrating our successes to social mixers where colleagues can build community of practice. 

In this new era of the Cultural Office, we’ll be hosting gatherings at least monthly with a variety of topics and formats.  We hope to see you!

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