Art-o-Mat Machine

The Cultural Office is pleased to sponsor the Art-o-Mat® machine pictured to the right, entitled Carnival, here in our community! As of April 3, the machine has been relocated from its original site at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, and reinstalled in the main entrance lobby at the Ivywild School, located at 1604 S. Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs. It will remain there for about six months, and then will move to a new location at the beginning of Arts Month this October.

Art-o-Mat® machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend small works of handmade art. There are over 100 active machines in various locations throughout the country. Art-o-Mat® is the work of North Carolina artist Clark Whittington, who has been creating these whimsical machines for over 20 years.

Art-o-Mat® is fun way to build public interest in the arts, to provide local artists with a new outlet for creativity, and to connect the City of Colorado Springs to a network of other arts destinations across the country. Collectors have even been known to plan their travels around visits to Art-o-Mat® communities!

Through cross-community partnerships, the machine will be hosted at various venues and facilities where there is high foot-traffic from local residents and/or visitors. With enough willing partners, the machine will move to different community locations about every 6 months. Placement of our Art-o-Mat® machine at these key locations will help to elevate the visibility and brand of our local arts & cultural community, and will provide tourists and residents with a new way to engage and enjoy the arts.

What do you get?
The experience of pulling the knob alone is quite a thrill, but you also walk away with an original work of art. What an easy and affordable (all pieces sell for $5) way to become an art collector!

Become an Art-o-Mat® Artist
There are around 300 contributing artists from 10 different countries currently involved in the Art-o-Mat® project. They are always searching for fresh work, so there’s an opportunity for local artists to get involved with our machine, as well as with machines from across the country.

For questions or additional information, please contact, or call 719-634-2204.