Innovation Acceleration


Innovation Acceleration is a new program that leverages the power of the arts to help local businesses and area organizations tap into their creative genius, and to develop a culture of sustainable innovation.

Innovation Acceleration workshops are built around a variety of engaging, hands-on learning experiences, led by experienced business and arts professionals who will demystify the creative process for you and your employees. Workshops can be customized for any size group, and are perfect as short, stand-alone sessions, or as part of larger staff retreats and conferences.

Regardless of the circumstances, Innovation Acceleration facilitators will work closely with you and your team to tailor creativity training and experiential art workshops to meet your specific needs. The program is suited for all audiences, and no previous art experience is required. “I was nervous at first as I don’t think of myself as very creative when it comes to art,” said a participant from a recent Innovation Acceleration workshop, “but I have to say this was one of the best team building sessions I have ever been through!”

Innovation Acceleration is now accepting inquiries from local businesses and organization about conducting future workshops in our community. Please click here for more details. For additional information and pricing, please contact Andy Vick at or 719-634-2204.