Cultural Planning

Cultural Planning

Arts Vision 2030 will be publicly released on October 27.

Arts Vision 2030 will take an in-depth look at the creative sector in the Pikes Peak region, gather community input, and develop a 10-year cultural plan to guide our creative community through the next decade. The original regional cultural plan term ended in 2020, so Arts Vision 2030 will document our many accomplishments and successes, define strategic steps to build upon the great work we’ve already done, and develop a shared vision for the future of our vibrant creative community.

The project is organized by the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region and the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, and lead by cultural consultants Kendall Peterson of ThereSquared, LLC and Jill Stilwell of Stilwell Cultural Consulting, LLC, with the support of other funding partners and guidance from a diverse 24-member Steering Committee of regional creative leaders assembled in 2018. Click to read more about the leadership of the cultural planning process.

The cultural planning process was gearing up to begin in April 2020 when a collective decision was made to postpone all cultural planning activities due to the coronavirus crisis. In Spring 2021, organizers believed that timing was right to convene the community around cultural visioning, beginning with a focus on resilience and recovery for the creative sector.

“We came to believe that bringing folks together to craft the next 10-year cultural plan would actually serve a profoundly greater purpose right now.” says Andy Vick, co-chair of the initiative and Executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region. “We anticipate that healing and reconnection will happen during this project, through collective imagination, shared goal-setting, and confident conversations about the role that creative vitality plays in our region.”

Co-chair David Siegel, CEO of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation agrees. “The arts are essential during times of crisis. We know that music, visual art, theatre, and dance have a unique ability to bring community together and heal emotional wounds. Arts Vision 2030 is our chance understand how the arts can best serve the short-term pandemic recovery needs and the long-term priorities of our growing community.”

The Plan was developed through an open, inclusive process, and the Plan will be implemented in the same spirit. It is a Plan by and for the community, and as such is owned by the community. No one organization is responsible for its implementation. However, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region and the Bee Vradenburg Foundation will serve as stewards of the Plan on behalf of the local creative sector.

Funding & Management

The cultural planning effort is stewarded by the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, which serves as the fiscal conduit for all funding and expenses, and the administrative lead. The Cultural Office’s Executive Director, Andy Vick, and the Executive Director of Bee Vradenburg Foundation, David Siegel, serve as co-chairs of a 24-member volunteer Cultural Plan Steering Committee. The Cultural Office’s Deputy Director, Angela Seals, serves as the local project coordinator with daily program involvement.

Funding to support the cultural planning process has been assembled from a combination of entities, acknowledged with much appreciation below.

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Cultural Plan 2010-2020

The Pikes Peak region currently has a Cultural Plan spanning 2010-2020. Read more about it here.


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