Amy Seltzer: Revival

130 E. Pikes Peak Ave

“I collaborated with several artists from the “ROLL Bike Art” network and formed a mini exhibit in an empty storefront in order to explore the theme of revival. The main piece for the storefront is “Anything But Ordinary” by Laszlo Palos.  A handcrafted Ordinary bicycle by Paul B. Rust provides a contrast to the main piece’s Ordinary bicycle. A handcrafted Tessier bicycle illustrates the revival of handmade bikes. Other sculpted pieces include Wendy and Chris Mike’s packing tape figure on a Vintage bike, reviving the spirit of renewal and the ghost of the past. Allan McMullen’s nostalgic neon sculpture spins a positive revival vibe.  In my piece,  “Eggery” I hope to revive cycles of life.  Resa Groff’s repurposed sculpture revives the link to the spiritual realm.

[photos courtesy of bussanich & kjeldsen art]

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