New Exhibit: ‘Sonata (redefined)’ by Marjorie Vernelle

New Exhibit: ‘Sonata (redefined)’ by Marjorie Vernelle

The Cultural Office’s next exhibition will be ‘Sonata (redefined): A Painted Composition in Four Movements,’ a collection of plein air watercolor paintings by Marjorie Vernelle.

The opening reception for Sonata (redefined) will take place on Wednesday, October 4 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. The show will then be available for viewing during the Cultural Office hours, which are typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call/email the Cultural Office ahead of time to ensure a staff member will be present to let you in.

SONATA (redefined): A painted composition featuring a single instrument (watercolor) with a small accompaniment (works in pastel pencil), in four movements (the seasons), each with a unique character (tempo) but with an underlying unity (visions of nature).

About the artist: “In terms of art, I’ve taken the long route. Art was always around me in my grandmothers’ quilts, my dad’s appreciation of beauty, and my mother’s own paintings.

I dabbled with it in my early adult life in San Francisco, though my degrees are in completely different subjects. They led to a fine career teaching Language Arts, both at high school and college levels.  However, I always kept an interest in both producing art and studying art history. In 2019 I started a blog in which I talk of my experiences studying and viewing art in my years in Europe, mostly in France where I lived for about ten years. In 2020, I started profiling other artists, which I now do once a month.​ I also started another blog,, where I talk about famous paintings and pair them with wines. Through all of this, I have learned art is as deep as the soul and just as much a part of who we are.”

watercolor painting of lilies
'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lily' by Marjorie Vernelle

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