June 2012 News

June 2012 News


At COPPeR, we’re looking forward to a summer full of exciting arts experiences. From Free Outdoor Summer Concerts and the Arts Walk with Mayor Bach to festivals and workshops, there are tons of things to keep you busy. We hope you will be able to join us Wednesday, June 6, at a special panel discussion on Public Art and the Art of Placemaking at the Pioneers Museum (see details below). Not only are we celebrating PeakRadar.com’s fifth birthday with the launch of a new Public Art Directory but we also are continuing the discussion about how to leverage and highlight public art to create a more vibrant community.

Last month, I joined other community leaders on the Center for Regional Advancement’s trip to Portland. Portland has a truly exceptional public art program ,and it was gratifying to see “non-arts folks” as their creative lightbulbs went off, discovering how art can be used in infrastructure projects and other everyday settings.

 I am sure many minds are still racing with ideas from the recent Chamber of Commerce/EDC lunch looking at the revitalization of Providence, R.I., through the arts. I can’t help but think about all the opportunities for our region. I know we will continue to creatively solve community challenges through art. And I invite you to give us a call, or just stop by our downtown office to have a conversation and share ideas on how we can continue to move toward our vision of a community united by creativity.

Creatively Yours,
Christina McGrath


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