The Impact of Peak Arts Fund

The Impact of Peak Arts Fund

The 18 arts nonprofits that benefit from every dollar given to Peak Arts Fund 2013 are an impressive collection of leading arts organizations in the region. Together, they span artistic genres, communities and age ranges. They are historic centerpieces of the local arts scene and innovative startups. What unites them is their exemplary administration in delivering high quality arts and culture that makes our region and economy thrive.

Peak Arts Fund offers vital general operating support that helps power these groups throughout the year. Below are a few inspiring examples of what funding like this does on the ground, year-round, to power the arts’ impact in your community:


  •  Last year, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic received $3,000 from Peak Arts Fund … and the estimated economic impact was $7,677, 100% of which was reinvested locally. Every dollar you give to Peak Arts Fund has a ripple effect throughout the arts community and the region. Drop your pebble in today and see how far it goes. 


  • With just $2,000 of support from Peak Arts Fund, the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale can provide 1,500 pieces of sheet music to school music teachers through their music library borrowing program. This program directly increases access to quality music for teachers and school children across the region.


  • Cottonwood Center for the Arts will direct the vital general operating dollars they receive from Peak Arts Fund toward a new state of the art staging area for life drawing and painting classes. With so many artists interested in pursuing life drawing and figure painting, Cottonwood is anxious to make this dream a reality. This exciting new project will provide a comfortable environment, a true changing room for models and an overall atmosphere that will elevate the playing field for a real studio. The plans are finished – make your donation today to make it happen!


  • In March, Ormao Dance Company‘s Ormao Junior Repertory and Ormao Youth Ensemble partnered with local b-boy crew Soul Mechanics to introduce families, staff and students at Buena Vista Montessori School to hip hop dance. “WOW!!!! As I’ve been talking with parents, teachers, and students in classes this morning, the excitement is still palpable!  I keep hearing over and over again about how much everyone loved the ‘guest performers’…  as they describe and mimic specific pieces of the different performances. You all were definitely the highlight of the evening! Thanks for being part of such a positive, joyful and powerful community event.” –Carrie Delius, Buena Vista Montessori School.100% of every dollar you give to Peak Arts Fund drives relevant, eye-opening arts experiences like this throughout the Pikes Peak region.


  • Approximately 5,000 young school children were exposed to opera through this year’s Opera Theatre Goes to School program of Opera Theatre of the Rockies.  This impressive arts education program delivers opera directly into classrooms, previews a performance within the school, then brings excited children to a fully-staged production at the Pikes Peak Center.


  • Business of Arts Center in Manitou Springs welcomes approx. 1,000 community members for an average 65 events every month. They collaborate with 25 other organizations each month, too. Uphold this vital community hub with your gift to Peak Arts Fund.


  • General operating support from Peak Arts Fund covers 2 months’ rent for rehearsal space for the nearly 100 members of Velvet Hills Chorus. They are rehearsing now to represent our region at the 2013 International Competition in Hawaii ….. let’s all surprise them with an extra month’s rent!


  • Through live concerts, theatrical productions, educational arts classes and over 25 rotating visual art exhibitions in the past year alone, Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts is a fast-growing hub for creativity in the Tri-Lakes region. Praised as “one of Colorado’s most remarkable community arts facilities,” and perhaps one of its most frugal, the critical operating support from Peak Arts Fund makes a real impact. Fuel their momentum.


  • Many, many young instrumental musicians continue playing only because they have been given scholarships to be part of Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association.  In many instances, there are not school programs for them to be a part of and without support from benefactors such as the Peak Arts Fund, they would not have this opportunity.  Quote from a young musician: “Thanks so much for helping me out so I can be with other serious musicians like myself-this organization has kept me from getting into trouble.  I used to hang out with a bad crowd but now I have something positive to live for.”


  •  This May, Millibo Art Theatre moved into a new 120 seat performing arts center in the heart of the Ivywild urban renewal district. This move will double their stage, audience and educational capacity while adding an important “art anchor” to a revitalized neighborhood. Every dollar donated to the Peak Arts Fund goes to support the MAT and seventeen other arts nonprofits that create outstanding community within neighborhoods all around the Pikes Peak region.


  • Chamber Orchestra of the Springs shares an inspiring story of how art can help communities unite and heal after tragedy. On Sept. 10, 2010, the Orchestra staged the Community in Unison (CIU) Orchestra & Gospel Choir Concert with an accompanying Volunteer-Fest. One attendee said, “I came here tonight so discouraged over how 9/11 seems to be tearing us apart as Americans – this concert gave me renewed hope about how we can  all come together via the medium of music and people who care.” That event earned Chamber Orchestra of the Springs the Art Creates Community Award by public vote. The arts bring us together and move us forward. Support experiences like this through Peak Arts Fund 2013.


  • Funding from Peak Arts Fund supports Colorado College Summer Music Festival outreach performances throughout the region. Student musicians perform at Fort Carson (Patriot Youth Program), Hillside Community Center, Village at Skyline retirement community and Modbo Gallery. Student and faculty musicians perform for the public at the UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art and the Festival Orchestra performs as part of the Woodland Park Music Series. Support these connections between young musicians and local soldiers, senior citizens, artists and neighbors with your gift to Peak Arts Fund today.

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