A New Gazette Partnership + PeakRadar.com Spotlights Creatives

A New Gazette Partnership + PeakRadar.com Spotlights Creatives

Our mid-February newsletter includes 2 new announcements from the Cultural Office:

  1. The Cultural Office is proud to announce that The Gazette has agreed to partner with us in the production and distribution of this fall’s Peak Radar Pages, the region’s only comprehensive directory to nearly 400 arts & cultural groups and organizations. In the past, 7,000 copies of this free resource were produced and distributed. Thanks to The Gazette, the next edition of the Pages will be inserted into the paper during Arts Month, reaching approximately 70,000 people! 
  2. PeakRadar.com newest feature is Spotlight on Creatives. These multimedia portraits of local cultural personalities draw from the newest efforts of the Cultural Office to shine more light on arts & culture across print and digital platforms. Digital blogs that Jonathan Toman is now writing monthly for The Colorado Springs Independent, monthly columns Angela Seals writes for the Cheyenne and Woodmen Editions of The Gazette, and our popular Facebook Live broadcasts, all converge here to introduce you to creatives from across our region. 

Each of these announcements includes multiple ways for you to get involved. Plus, we share the latest local opportunities in the arts, a save the date you’ll want on your March calendar, and more. Read it all here!


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