Creative Economy Jumpstarts

Creative Economy Jumpstarts

In addition to promoting, researching, and advocating for the creative economy, the Cultural Office’s new Creative Economy program vertical will include new efforts to actively stimulate more economic activity in local arts. After all, the creative economy is composed of nonprofits, small businesses, micro-businesses, entrepreneurs, and a talented workforce that deserve more support, audience … and revenue!  

The Cultural Office is dedicated to supporting sustainable economic opportunity for local creatives, and this requires strategic interventions and diverse programs over time. On this page, you will find our short-term initiatives and long-term projects to support and raise economic activity for buying art, ticket sales, cultural attractions, venue rentals, etc. as these new interventions are developed and unrolled. Stay tuned!

If you have ideas from other markets, communities, or your own experience, we’d love to hear them! Reach out to Program Manager of Creative Economy, Dylan Craddock, at

Header picture is of the Commonwheel Artists Co-op Annual Labor Day Arts Festival, courtesy of Visit Manitou Springs.

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