Better Block Pikes Peak Art in Storefronts

Better Block Pikes Peak Art in Storefronts

Amy Seltzer from Roll Exhibit will be the first artist featured for COPPeR’s newest program Art in Storefronts. She has contacted several Roll Exhibit artists and gathered pieces from her past exhibits. She specializes in bike parts that have been repurposed into artwork, and she has re-conceptualized some of these pieces so they will interact with the storefront in a new way. Appropriately enough, she is visually exploring the theme of “revival” as her artwork centers on resurrecting used bicycle parts, and the Art in Storefronts program similarly centers on renewing something that has vanished from our streets. The installation will be revealed to the public at noon September 21 at 130 E. Pikes Peak Ave in conjunction with the 24-hour Better Block Pikes Peak demonstration.

Better Block is a 24-hour demonstration that will take place on Pikes Peak Avenue between Nevada and Tejon. The mission of the project is to demonstrate what the block could look like if we were to take our 2 lanes of traffic and have more pedestrian friendly sidewalks and a larger median with vendors and a place to hang out. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to also launch Art in the Storefronts as part of our mission is to make our downtown area a more vibrant and engaging destination.

Want to learn more about Art in Storefronts? Please contact Michael at 719-634-2204.


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