Behind Our New Logo

Behind Our New Logo

The creative sector is integral to the fabric of our community, creating an environment that provides a thriving scene and inspiring artists to innovate and explore. There is a rich heritage and history of arts in the Pikes Peak region, and freedom to create in new ways in the future. The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region wants to provide a space for both excellence and experimentation. Our mission is to champion this community’s creative identity and economy, so this refresh of the COPPR brand tells a visual story of growth, change, and renewal within the culture of our organization and our region.

In the decade since the previous logo treatment, the organization shifted emphasis from the nickname “COPPeR” to the clearer “Cultural Office.” The new design reflects this change by switching the emphasizing red to “Cultural Office” and balancing the size proportion of the two names. The colors are evolved from maroon to hot pink vermillion and light blue to dark teal to more clearly express an artistic and modern identity.

The new logo mark for the Cultural Office evokes a healthy balance between being a well-regarded regional leadership organization and unbridled ingenuity. The typography is steady and durable, while also nodding to creativity with a few select letterforms. The abstract “O” represents vibrancy, inspiration, inclusion, and openness. The mark speaks to those attributes, while also showing a loose conceptual depiction of a mountain, blue sky, and sunset — part of the iconic landscape of the Pikes Peak region.

Special thanks to Neon Pig Creative for the design. The Cultural Office has worked with Neon Pig since 2016  designing campaigns together for Peak Radar, Arts Month, Elevated by Art, ArtsVision2030, and more. We appreciate their ongoing support of the Cultural Office and the arts community as a whole. 


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