Arts Vision Grantees

Arts Vision Grantees

This past summer, Arts Vision Grants were offered for creative projects that bring to life the declarations and opportunities in Arts Vision 2030, the 10-year cultural plan for the Pikes Peak region. The resulting grants are supported by the Pikes Peak Fund for the Arts at the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, and managed by the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region with support from Relevant Project Studio. Learn more about the full program here.

Announcing our 2022 Arts Vision Grantees!

Click on the titles to visit each grantee’s website.

Funding will support post-production of a 105-minute feature film that explores the importance of mental health and the effect depression and suicide have on a Colorado Springs family and community. The project has been made entirely in Colorado Springs over the past three years, led by local filmmaker, A.M. Lewis. Once the film is released, proceeds will be donated to Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention of Colorado Springs. (Grant: $3,750)

Funding will help Ballet Folklorico de Barajas share the art of traditional Mexican folklorico dance with the rapidly growing number of people in our community who are discovering them. Their programs include dance instruction and performance opportunities for students ages 4 and older, engaging dancers and their families in the depth of the Mexican and Chicano culture through crafts, art projects, education, team-building, and U.S. and Mexican celebrations. (Grant: $7,500)

Funding will help Downtown Ventures to launch a new artist fellowship for its flagship public art program, Art on the Streets, making the program more inclusive while investing in professional development of Pikes Peak region artists. The fellowship will provide chosen artists with an opportunity to participate in Art on the Streets, mentorship, and financial support, with a goal to provide pathways to entry for artists from demographics underrepresented in the public art realm. (Grant: $5,000)

Funding will cover artist fees and expenses for a year of “Printmaking Free for All” live events at Ladyfingers Letterpress during First Fridays. Each month, a chosen artist will translate their work into printmaking with the mentorship of Ladyfingers’ founders, and will choose a community organization whose cause connects to their artwork. Alongside the artist, the public will make their own prints on the press, and learn more about the artists and community organizations, with options to donate. Artists and organizations will take away free prints to use or sell. (Grant: $10,000)

Funding will support the development of a new collection of work by Lupita Carrasco for a museum exhibition entitled “Expressions On Caring.” Carrasco says, “I intend to explore the complexities and evolution of the parent-child relationship, especially its impact on caregivers for a parent with severe mental illness. The body of work will consist of six paintings and an installation piece, giving voice to the relentless responsibility of compassion.” (Grant: $1,250)

Funding will support Poetry Heals in providing therapeutic poetry writing sessions during after school programs for at-risk youth. Their first program partner is Voces Unidas for Justice, which serves primarily Latinx youth in Southeast Colorado Springs. Poetry Heals will create unique materials and provide Spanish translation at workshops. The program plans to expand to more locations, encouraging writing as a tool for youth processing trauma. (Grant: $5,000)

Funding will support the artist’s creation of ‘by the skin of my flesh’, an immersive exhibition of visual art opening March 3, 2023 at Kreuser Gallery. Hanna says, “I’m creating a safe, immersive space/experience for community acknowledgment, conversation, and growth about body image, eating disorders, and other mental challenges. It will be a raw, unflinching self-portrait … and could illustrate how aiming for inclusion and supporting “a full creative life for all” supports our community health. (Grant: $2,500)

Funding will support production of a new series of children’s books featuring online viral-sensation, That Cat Pluto (@thatcat_pluto). Pluto goes with the family on adventures including hiking, kayaking, camping, train rides, and more to encourage families to experience the outdoors together. The 3-part series of books will feature Colorado destinations, including St. Elmo ghost town, Garden of the Gods, and Rocky Mountain National Park, with information about each. They are a collaboration between local artists Satya Wimbich and Eva Vagreti. (Grant: $2,500)

Funding will empower Theatreworks to cultivate young theatre designers and technicians of color in the Pikes Peak region. They will develop several paid assistant design and technician roles to work alongside industry professionals on upcoming productions. The program will give young Theatre Artists of Color the opportunity to grow in a professional environment with mentorship and competitive pay, to uplift and refine the diverse theatrical voices of the region. (Grant: $5,000)

Photo Caption: Still from THE BLUEST EYE by Toni Morrison and Lydia R Diamond, directed by Lynne Hastings and featuring Lynne Desiree Myers, Alex Campbell, Faith Angelise Goins, Lisa Young, and Calvin Thompson. Scenic Design by Michael Ruiz Del Vizo, and lighting design by Taylor Lilly

Funding will expand two successful programs of Youth Documentary Academy (YDA) to larger local and national audiences. The Youth Media Matters Film Festival will return in October during Arts Month to present youth-produced media to over 2,000 students across 8 public high schools in Colorado Springs, including Q&As and a youth media symposium. YDA will also direct support to production and audience engagement for their youth film series “OUR TIME,” now broadcast nationally on PBS. (Grant: $5,000)

Funding will launch a pilot program and workspace for artists to learn archival matting, mounting, and framing at the new zoneFIVE in Knob Hill Urban Arts District. The program will help artists to present and preserve their works on paper using museum-quality techniques and materials, professional development, shared resources, and ongoing access to equipment and collaborative workspace. (Grant: $2,500)

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