A New Program Manager of Education at COPPeR

A New Program Manager of Education at COPPeR

Hello, arts community,

Last week, we announced a transition in our Program Manager of Education position here at the Cultural Office, and I wanted to share with you more about our news.

Last spring, we hired 2 newly-created positions after a rigorous, competitive process with a large number of applications from across our region. Five months later, one of those hires received another opportunity, and so Jeresneyka Rose is leaving this month, with much goodwill and mutual support.

The process last spring was strong and recent. Through it, we met many talented arts managers, and one in particular had really wowed us with stellar scores throughout the process and many years of working locally in arts education, from K-12 to higher education to community nonprofits. We are pleased to share that this January, Melissa O’Rear will join our team our new Program Manager of Education!

Melissa O’Rear brings over 20 years’ experience as an arts educator in public, charter, and private schools and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre from NYU. A native to Colorado Springs, she studied and taught in Wisconsin, Chicago, New York City, Dublin, and London.

Melissa is passionate about creating collaborative spaces for students young and old to explore and discover their creative voices. Locally, she has taught at UCCS, School District 11, The Colorado Springs School, and also at multiple theatre and music organizations. Melissa is the founder and Executive Director of Theatre Across Borders which focuses on arts-integration programs in schools, such as Science to Stage, along with interactive theatre hikes for families.

We have big plans for the new Education programs at the Cultural Office in 2024, and we know that Melissa’s experience and passion will bring them to life in vibrant ways. Welcome, Melissa!

Our thanks to everyone who continues to support the Cultural Office during this dynamic time of change and growth.


Angela Seals

Executive Director



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