Pro Tips for Creatives

Pro Tips for Creatives

The “Pro Tips for Creatives” video series connects creative professionals of the Pikes Peak region with local experts for customized guidance on issues the arts industry is facing. It launched in April 2020 to meet the needs of a sector adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic by quickly moving programming onto virtual / digital platforms, so the initial videos focus on technology, communications, and digital strategy. “Pro Tips for Creatives” serves the field with arts-targeted, trusted advice through easily accessible videos for reference, sharing, and inspiration. 

Protecting Yourself in Cyberspace

Do you know how to set up a ZOOM call safely? Are your passwords as creative as your artwork? As creatives increase online programming and e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity is more important than ever. “Friendly neighborhood certified ethical hacker” Rodney Gullate, Jr. will catch you up on the safest practices in cyberspace right now – and, in the last few moments of this video, give you a heartwarming bit of encouragement, too. Learn more and connect with Rodney at Published May 5, 2020.

Sharing Stories Through Video

Now more than ever you may be wanting to use video to share stories about your art and connect with your customers and collectors online. But maybe you have no idea what you want to say in your videos, or maybe you’re afraid of sounding foolish and feel shy on camera. In this “Pro Tips for Creatives” video, Infusion5‘s Zach Wolfson shares his Storybook Method: A simple way to structure your videos so you can take the guesswork out of what to say and make your videos more engaging to watch. And if you’d like a free resource especially for artists and creatives from Zach to help you start using the Storybook Method and get ready to record your videos, consider downloading your free copy of his Ready to Record Handbook on his website at April 29, 2020.

Maximizing Your Exposure on Instagram

Does your Instagram feed need inspiration? Or just some people actually looking at it? Art is perfectly suited to the Instagram platform, if you know how to get your work out there and attract attention! In this new Pro Tips video, Twelve Legs Marketing’s Jason and Ralitsa Carter inspire with 5 surefire ways to maximize your exposure in social media’s most visual arena. (And it’s all free!) Learn more about Twelve Legs Marketing and reach Jason and Ralitsa personally at Read more about their 5 Tips herePublished April 17, 2020.

Making Better Videos

Take your online videos to the NEXT LEVEL with this guidance from BornesPro Media! Brandon Bornes covers the nuts and bolts – from how to set up a shot to the best streaming software, video equipment, and streaming services for any budget. You can get better at this, arts community! Especially with some great pro tips. Learn more about BornesPro Media and reach Brandon personally at Published April 14, 2020.

Taking Your Art Online Effectively

In this video, Amanda Baida of InnerSocial Marketing covers “Taking Your Art Online Effectively,” discussing how to choose between online platforms to share arts experiences based on accessibility, content, and engagement, the possibilities of live vs. pre-recorded content, and several other pro tips. Published April 9, 2020.

Skill Share Discussion

In this roundtable, 18 local creatives came together to share learnings and discoveries to help one another in the transition to moving their art online. The group discussed teaching art online, selling art or merchandise online, Zoom security, social media strategies for greater exposure, and more. See the full chat conversation that accompanies this video – full of helpful links!

As part of the Pro Tips for Creatives series, several local experts offered tips and guidance, as well, including Brandon Bornes of BornesPro Media, Rali and Jason Carter of Twelve Legs Marketing, and Rodney Gullatte of Firma IT Solutions. Recorded on April 24, 2020.

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