robust participation in arts & culture
for investment in cultural vitality
creativity to brand our community as an innovative and vibrant destination
to build cross-sector partnerships

The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is “Connecting residents and visitors with arts & culture to enrich the Pikes Peak region.” Governed by an engaged Board of Directors, and with the leadership and passion of a small but dedicated staff, our work at the Cultural Office is all about elevating the visibility, value, and impact of the creative sector in our community.



03-08-2019 - 03-31-2019

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Amos Kennedy and The Press

02-02-2019 - 04-07-2019

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Art of Gary Snyder

01-04-2019 - 04-02-2019

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Ben and the Magic Paintbrush

03-08-2019 - 04-07-2019

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Ben and the Magic Paintbrush Day Camps

03-09-2019 - 04-06-2019

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Call for Entries: Mushrooms

02-09-2019 - 03-21-2019

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Christine Howard Sandoval: Channel

03-09-2019 - 10-20-2019

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Drip, Dribble, Splash

03-01-2019 - 04-02-2019

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Dynamic Character Illustration

03-06-2019 - 03-27-2019

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E l e m e n t s

03-22-2019 - 03-23-2019

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Eclectic Expressions

03-01-2019 - 04-01-2019

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Fluid Expressions: The Prints of Helen Frankenthaler

02-02-2019 - 06-02-2019

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Annual Report 2018 Released

The Cultural Office is pleased to share with the community our 2018 Annual Report, documenting the impact we made last year toward connecting more residents and visitors than ever before with local arts & culture to enrich the Pikes Peak region.

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