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Intern Katie Smith works the COPPeR festival booth at a local event.

Bee Vradenburg Foundation intern Katie Smith works the Cultural Office’s outreach booth.

Periodically, the Cultural Office has unpaid internship opportunities for qualified undergraduate or graduate students. Currently, there are no internship opportunities available.

Currently, the Cultural Office is not hiring for any paid positions.

Please email Andy Vick for questions or additional information.

“Even though I grew up in Colorado Springs, interning with COPPeR opened up a whole new world of art and community I had never been exposed to. I learned skills to incorporate art into all sectors of life and realized its potential in building an integrated, beautiful, and meaningful community. I had the opportunity to work alongside of the most dedicated staffs while learning new social media marketing and communication skills. It was energizing and empowering to be a part of the arts community and an amazing way to spend the summer.”
– Kimi Tanabe, Colorado College PIFP Intern, Summer 2015

“Interning with COPPeR was one of the highlights of my college career. Not only did I make great new friends and become a part of the local arts community, I was able to learn new computer programs, writing styles and organizational communication in the business setting through real hands-on experience.”
– Jessi Manthei, Arts Marketing Intern, Fall 2012